Now a documentary series on Amazon Prime Video, with Warren as Executive Producer, directed by Stephen Mizelas, this is another angle on the incredible story of how Richard Lubbock, a mild-mannered, north London, Jewish family-man became Britain’s biggest meth dealer. Revealed in two gripping one-hour films, the series is inspired by his son James's memoir 'Breaking Dad' (written in collaboration with Warren), a stranger than fiction story that recounts a cautionary tale as Richard risks everything to swap his comfortable life for one of crime at a time when one of the most addictive drugs on the planet was making its way into the heart of the London club scene.

This is the story of the most unlikely character who contributed to the rise of meth in Britain in the early 2000s, and how the police managed to eventually catch him.

At times shocking, often unbelievable, but all 100% true.

A Big Little Fishproduction.

Breaking Dad: Britain's Unlikeliest Drug Dealer


Warren FitzGerald