"This is a story about me, Clementine, and my friends: a panther called Levi, a pelican called Lola and a turtle called Jimmy. it is about dragons and goblins, my Daddy the King, my Mummy the Queen and Prince Pio my brother. At least that is the way I tell it sometimes when thoughts of the blood, the machetes, the swamp and the fear of Uncle Leonard become too hard to describe.

But that was all before I met Ashley, wonderful Ashley. Not that he would ever call himself wonderful in a million years. When he tells you his story you will see what i mean."

​Ashley is a middle-aged loner, for whom teaching singing is his only escape from his troubled past and his self-abusive present.

Clementine is a Rwandan child refugee who witnesses the 1994 genocide first-hand and lives to tell the story. Delivered into the hands of an abusive uncle in the UK, Clementine remains undeterred in her hope for a brighter future.

​When their two worlds collide, nothing is ever the same again.

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“It is hard to believe this is Warren FitzGerald's first novel, so sure is his hand and so powerful the book.”

“This is one of those books that makes you think and makes you feel and stays with you long after you have turned over the last page. An incredible debut novel.”
Middlesbrough Evening Gazette

The Go-Away Bird

Warren FitzGerald