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The book "Gringos in the Garbage" is OUT NOW. Warren's first work of non-fiction, it charts his life-changing experience making the documentary which is set for release around September. Proceeds go DIRECTLY (no middle man, no "admin" costs) to the community of El Limonal in Nicaragua, the stars of the book and film, so it would be amazing if you could support them by buying primarily from createspace or from the gringos directly. It is also available on Amazon now worldwide. Visit for more details on the film and how to get involved with supporting the wonderful community of El Limonal.

​Gringos in the Garbage

Warren and Jess Rothenburger met in 2009 when Warren was researching The Go-Away Bird in Rwanda, volunteering with a group led by Jess. You can read all about that here. Since then they have participated in many other volunteer experiences, always looking for a way to get a more authentic experience of what it means to live in a developing nation and to truly consult local people about what they want- if anything- from outside help.
Their recent experiences in Nicaragua compelled them to make their first foray into the world of documentary making, a project described as “completely insane, in the most wonderful and creative and human way possible,”  

Warren FitzGerald